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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Roisin Byrne - It's Not You It's Me November 25th 2011 - January 15th 2012

Alma Enterprises is proud to present a solo show by London based artist Roisin Byrne. It's Not You It's Me is a work that takes this break-up platitude and perversely stands it on its head (1). Taking on the guise of a false collector in order to find out information on a quasi mythical work by Italian artist Roberto Cuoghi, Byrne discovered that the artist himself did not exist. Cuoghi had sought to become his father over 7 years by gaining weight, dying his hair and adopting the lifestyle and mannerisms of a 60 year old man. Byrne became fascinated by his apparent non-existence and that this 'event', always written about as 'not being a work' was what the artist Cuoghi was most renowned for

Byrne's practice humorously yet aggressively challenges the boundaries of how an artist is allowed to behave prodding and provoking to unravel the accepted rules that structure art and its associations with culture, freedom and independence. Her work depicts the shift in art practice in which ideas and information become fluid, a common property which can be invoked, adapted and absorbed, violating the established mechanisms for making art, as well as the status of artwork itself

For more information please contact info@almaenterprises.com - 07894 078 994

Shelve: Part 2: Luke Drozd

Curated by [DoR] member Amber Ablett:


In a collaborative project with LXV Books in Bethnal Green, Amber Ablett will be curating an exhibition of book art works on a shelf of the bookshop, to introduce new audiences to art works using the book format.

The next part of the project will be exhibiting work by Luke Drozd, an artist and designer based in London.

The private view will be held on Thursday 15th December 2011 and the exhibition will run until the 21st January 2012.

LXV Books
65 Roman Road
Bethnal Green
London E2 0QN

Amber Ablett For A Days Actions the artist recorded every action she did over 24 hours and documented this in a hand drawn and bound book. Until the 14.12.11

Luke Drozd is a man who makes things in London, England. These things include sculptures, drawings, prints and posters. He is interested in the idea of letting your hands make decisions and creating associations between materials. Luke is for totems to the seriously frivolous and the courageously silly. www.lukedrozd.com

Monday, 14 November 2011



My Grandmother's Eggs, Layne Arlina

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Last week was a busy time for [Details on Request], hosting two TAGO MAGO's in a week, here are a few pictures from TAGO MAGO at the BFI for the London Film Festival.

Liberty Rowley and Mark James
A Walk from the East End to Southend

Tim Stock
B56DR 110511A

Back Dogs
Audio Almanac

Photos from TAGO MAGO 3 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL coming soon!