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Thursday, 18 February 2010

What Where at Sutton Lane

Last week [DoR] attended the private view of What Where at Sutton Lane Gallery, featuring works by Tauba Auerbach, Alex Hubbard, Nathan Hylden and Zak Prekop. The exhibition primarily investigated concepts concerned with painting as constructive process and method.

[DoR] found Alex Hubbard’s painting Untitled 2010 demonstrated this very successfully. By layering colour and material, Hubbard’s paintings develop depth and thickness, evoking thoughts of gesture or performance of painting.

[DoR] noted the subtle discourse between Alex Hubbard’s large canvas and Zak Prekop’s dwarfed canvas that hung adjacent to it. The connection was made through a slight but significant colour similarity present on the edges of the paintings. This made us happy.

Zak Prekop Paintings without Black Lines 2009

You could not describe these painted surfaces as ‘paintings’; the techniques that contributed to the final outcome of these paintings are complex.

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