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Monday, 12 April 2010


Mob Remedies is an exhibition of four artists exploring the possibilities of painting, without the constraints of a canvas surface and investigates the industrial use of material, function and method. The exhibition includes work by George Barber, Lothar Gotz, Natasha Kidd and Piers Secunda. The absence of canvas allows the artists the opportunity to explore painting in 3D and enables the works to have free rein of the space, to grow and expand beyond the flat.

[Details on Request] particularly enjoyed watching an award winning film by George Barber. Barber's video piece Automotive Action Painting saw Barber throw buckets of brightly coloured paint into the middle of a road. As cars hesitantly drove through the paint a painting was created. [DoR] appreciated the act of performance in making the 'painting' and the forced audience participation. Barber's work often explores human engagement in unusual situations.

Another, perhaps biased, favorite work exhibited was Natasha Kidd's painting machine Line (36 metres). A large open tank, with attached pump, containing bright white emulsion paint sat in the one half of the gallery space, this sourced a network of copper pipes, that ran around the walls of the gallery. The paint later returned to the tank through a tap.

'What I find most compelling in the process of painting is the action or event.' Natasha Kidd


[Eloise P. Jones]

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