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Monday, 7 June 2010

Loot and Everything Else

There's some human instinct which makes a man treasure what he is not to make any use of, because everybody does not possess it. Mark Twain

[Details on Request] will be delivering an exhibition in response to our urge to collect material and inanimate objects and the justifications we attach to these collections.

A human’s inert need to find meaning in life can be seen in the way in which emotions are attached to objects. This attachment is thought to enhance our lives and through this helps to create identity; the objects we choose to collect and place together are only symbolic to us.

A collection’s significance holds the most importance to the primary creator; items that give one-person pleasure will not affect others in the same way. Collections are typically depicted as groups of objects, but could take the form of anything that the owner considers of importance and so a collection could be seen as a representation of the collector. The exhibition will examine the way in which we are perceived through the tangible and if what we collect can be a true representation of the self.

The exhibition will be comprised of a series of material portraits. These portraits will consist of collections that have been assembled both intentionally and accidentally. Purposeful collections are acquired when similar objects are knowingly sourced and kept together. Accidental collections occur when objects are collected out of pleasure, without a necessary function. These can take the form of belongings that have similar qualities but not a defined intention, the possessions that create the interiors of homes for example. Each material portrait will include a transcription of an interview between the curator and the collector, where the significance and origin of the collection will be discussed.

As well as exploring the notion of collections, the exhibition will demonstrate the bizarre and outlandish obsessive nature of why collectors collect.

Featuring collections by:

Supermarket Sarah http://www.supermarketsarah.com/

Laura Kennedy http://laurakennedyarts.tumblr.com/

MOMART http://www.momart.co.uk/

Paul Hanford http://www.bringmecoffeeortea.com/

Lou Marcellin http://loumarcellin.tumblr.com/

Pope Joan http://www.myspace.com/popejoan

Steph Pollard http://stephanypatriciapollard.blogspot.com/

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