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Tuesday, 11 January 2011


[DoR] missed the last of Whirly Gigs events at the Rich Mix, but here that it was a great success!!

With a total of 15 short films- this fridays event shouldn't be missed:
Making Tracks on Friday

It is only a tiny smattering of days until we return to the Rich Mix and continue our collaboration with the alluring and fantabulous Cabinet of Living Cinema. The concept: we provide an awesome programme of short films and The Cabinet rescore them. Live! And for most of the films, no one except the band will have heard the new scores before. To top it off, this time we are part of the deeply cool and edgy London Short Film Festival.

We will have an even bigger variety of films than ever; to tie in with the festival, the majority are by filmmakers whose work as been a part of LSFF in past (and present) years. Max Hattler, The Astburys, Sophie Windsor Clive, Magali Charrier, Kiron Hussain, Bella Fenning and Kayla Parker have all contributed to the festival, and we can't wait to show their work in a new light.

We also welcome back Tom Chick, Beatrice Baumgartner, Lesley Butler and Ioli Zalimoglou, whose work we showed in December. Don't necessarily expect a repeat of last time though; The Cabinet work in mysterious ways and who knows what they might come up with this time round!

On top of this we will be throwing two brand new submissions, by Tom Bailey and Kat Magrowitz, into the Whirlygig mixing pot. You can find lots more information, including a full film listing, on our website http://whirlygigcinema.com/films/

Making Tracks II will take place in the Rich Mix Bar on Friday 14th January. Doors will open at 7.30pm for a prompt programme start at 8pm. If you are coming, please try to come for the whole night - this event is a dish best served whole! There are still tickets available, save yourself a few coins by booking in advance. Get them at http://www.richmix.org.uk/film_makingtracks.htm.

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