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Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Dear friend and talented artist of [DoR], Sinta Tantra will be showing work in the group show at the Nunnery Gallery at the Bow Arts Trust, opening tomorrow night.

Although we are yet to see her work in the flesh, we know that the way in which Sinta works subverts our ideas of paintings, making a visual environment rather than a static object - her work is both vibrant and overwhelming and we look forward to seeing it within the Nunnery Setting in an exhibition which explores colour:

"Colour has long been associated with the wild, primal and the feminine, as well as being considered intuitive, instinctive and against logic. Encompassing a spectrum from the childlike and playful, through to the disturbing and sinister, the work in the show operates on a sliding scale of chaos and sensory disquiet. Pigment and hue is not only a formal element but a psychological one, with colour employed as a metaphor for seduction and intoxication. A radical colour key often refers to a skewed reality, symbolising a loss of control, a sensory overload.

Influenced by our everyday experiences of lurid popular culture, these artists appropriate languages from the ever-morphing multi-media world to produce work that is often overloaded with information. Here, vibrant hues attract and simultaneously repel. The Twentieth Century saw vivid colour move from associations with bejeweled opulence, religion and power to the tasteless tackiness of advertising, television and high street fashion. Resplendent in the neon and plastics of contemporary consumer culture, synthetic colours changed the face of the landscape whilst technicolour cinema and fractal, glowing computer graphics altered perceptions and imaginations. Trash was colourful, and colour became trash.

When bright colours are introduced, the work automatically changes in meaning — colour skews reality and images and objects become more appealing, more sensuous or more repulsive. Apocalypstick unites artists who are unashamed chromophiles, in a gleefully grotesque mardi-gras of pigment, plastic and optical chaos.

Apocalypstickfeatures work by: Jonathan Baldock, Shane Bradford, James Ferris, Richard Gasper, Ludovica Gioscia, Siân Hislop, James Howard, Dunstan James, Sinta Tantra, Bea Turner, John Walter and Jeremy Willett."

more about the exhibition here:http://www.bowarts.org/thenunnery/index.php?code=42

more about Sinta Tantra here:http://www.sintatantra.com/

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