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Friday, 26 November 2010


Robert Prideaux came to visit us!!

Robert is an artist and a friend. This is what he says:

"I make performances that revolve around my relationship to a video camera. They exisit either as live events or as recorded videos.

I construct mechanical contraptions, using found objects such as a bike wheel, lengths of wood, or a spade, upon which I attach a video camera. I then carry, push, throw, spin, or fly these objects around landscapes, allowing the camera to capture me using or struggling with them. The contraptions often restrict or challenge my movement, whilst allowing the camera to create a new energy on screen in the way that it captures me.

I use the camera as a tool to trigger a performance and to record it. This feedback is used to explore my relation to a moving-image-screen – whether I'm trying to remain in shot, escape from it, or investigate the edge of the frame.

Through my interest in cinematic theories of broken immersion, and by acknowledging the camera's presence, I try to find and push the limits of my relation to the unreal but highly believable world inside a moving-image-screen."

Everyday Rob will be uploading a different photo onto his tumblr site- and this is the one that he took on Wednesday:

And his website here: http://www.robertprideaux.net/

Robert also gave me a picture from an exhibition that I did in Bath in the beginning of 2009, called The Letter After The First Letter- a durational drawing which took place over a week.

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