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Wednesday, 3 November 2010


[Details on Request] have previously showed Laura Kennedy's Book of Not Knowing as part of Loot & Everything Else but are very excited to be able to see a piece of her work in such an unusual setting.

The Book of Not Knowing was made up of hand stamped soaps, each one with an anxiety on them. At TAGO MAGO the audience will not simply be asked to observe the work, but to wash their hands with them- taking part in the ritual act of washing away an worry or stress.

The work, titled Volume II, in response to the original work, will be found in the Ladies and Gents at the Queen of Hoxton.

Laura is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice explores everyday challenges, anxieties and potentials through process-based and labour-intensive works. Rather than being simply illustrative of a notion or an idea, Laura’s work aims to act as a platform for thought to provoke personal reflection.

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