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Saturday, 13 March 2010


In the same building was Amy Green’s studio and as she was not there to talk with us we had free range to look at and discuss her work.  Her studio as a whole seemed to be an extension of her work.  The wall facing the door was hung with squares of paper clipped to lengths of string, each one with a drawing on it.  In front of, and facing this wall was a working table with Green’s pencils and rubbers left out and to the side, a drawing chest with two piles of drawings.  Each of these drawings form one whole body of work, making the process of the mark making the work.  Like artists such as Hanne Darboven each sheet of paper seems to be a record of the time it took to be created.  In this case it was interesting to see the space in which Green created her drawings, as the studio seemed to reflect the taciturn, obsessive and distant quality of her work.


[Amber. S. V. Ablett]

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