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Wednesday, 10 March 2010


Another inspiring exhibition at Nettie Horn.  In ‘Sensescapes’ work by Benoit Broisat, Laura Buckly, Ian Burns and Sinta Werner looks at the visual and mental relationship we have with the world around us.  The exhibition ‘will focus on the status of the image through the use of technological mediums such as video, photography and works based on mechanised elements’.   Ian Burn’s sculptures functioned to distort the way in which we see.  A man made plastic bag is viewed through a monitor as a beautiful glacial landscape and in Broisat’s video piece ‘1950dd’ we see the surface of a painting as a bird’s eye view of a landscape coupling what we see as traditional art with new media.  Although the use of new media, video works, performance etc. are often seen as cold or haughty Sensescapes shows the warmth and beauty that are being created with these mediums.

25B Vyner Street, London, E2 9GD


[Amber. S. V. Ablett]

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