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Saturday, 13 March 2010


Andrea Medjesi-Jones concluded our studio visits.  Her paintings and drawings, like Green’s look at process and mark making.  It was interesting to see the way in which she had learnt so much about the qualities of the paint and ink that she was using that she was able to control them whilst still leaving a certain amount of chance and accident to be evident in her work. The idea of controlled randomness was something that we discussed during the visit, the decision making that Medjesi goes through to create her work is often made with out too much thought (an oxymoronic statement?).  Medjesi’s work seems to have changed a great detail over the last couple of years, leaving behind the more organic, cartoon motifs in favour of more emphasis on the characteristics of her materials and the performance of making work.



At Seventeen Gallery we were given a short talk by Cassis from the Gallery about Graham Dolphin’s work, giving me a chance to re-visit the work and learn more about it.  See the previous post for more information on ‘Burn Away Fade Out’.

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