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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


[Details] were invited to Bath Spa School of Art and Design to sit on a panel giving advice to graduating students on professional practice and working within the art world as a recent graduate. Also on the panel were:

Lucy Drane; Co-ordinator of Spike Island Associates
Sarah Walsh; Administrator of Whitechapel Gallery
Peter Salt; Development Manager of Art for Bath & North East Somerset
Pradeep Sharma; Head of School, Art and Design, Bath Spa University

Many thanks to Sarah Nicolson for inviting us.

We also had a chance to look around the Degree Show. Highlights for us were:

Photos documenting the process of a white substance thrown at a wall- Chloe Williams

The tranquil installation of 3 videos showing Layne Arlina's performance of washing her face over a bucket.
Wall sized sound/movement installation of elastic bands- Jenny Cooper

We were greatly impressed with Charlotte Bartrop's work: the use of materials and creation of space- both an aesthetically beautiful installation- and technically interesting. The work fitted into the industrial exhibition space- see the top photograph for the addition and play of the light and shadows on the work- adding a further dimension to the installation.

Katherine Suggitt Studio Work
Katherine Suggitt's photocopied sketchbooks- relayed information.

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