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Saturday, 30 July 2011


This weekend is the last chance to see RAIN before CELL closes for the summer.

RAIN is an exhibition curated by Nicolas Deshayes that addresses the material slippage between public and intimate experiences of collective space. Exploring the production of display and the sensuality of its potential erosion, many of the pieces ambiguously break down the materiality of presentation structures associated with the designed environment. For this exhibition, Deshayes chooses to disperse the works in the exhibition space, proposing a stylized hang symbolic of the notion of precipitation. A precipitation that is interpreted metaphorically as examining the excess of technological diffusion - of imagery and surface - in the grander scheme of consumer culture. The works brought together are made primarily from what Deshayes calls ‘public’ materials - ephemera of the everyday - such as glass, plastic and aluminium. The wetness and sheen of these materials become desire-inducing signifiers for a type of processed industrial ‘nowness’ that links to all of the works on show.

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