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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Construction Line Live Exhibition

[Details on Request] invite you to the Private View of their forth-coming exhibition

Construction Line

At 18 Sidworth Street, London Fields, E8 3SD

On the 7th May 2010 6pm – 9pm


The Private View will take the form of a Live Performance mimicking an industrial sweatshop.


Construction Line is a sweatshop of artisans forced to churn out creative talent by the hour.   In the traditional understanding of an exhibition we are presented with a final outcome that the artist has chosen to display to us.  Construction Line seeks to highlight the research and conceptual process that precedes this. The exhibition puts the emphasis on the creation of the work rather than the outcome. 


Construction Line is a collaborative project that brings together artists working in a variety of different media, giving them the chance to inform their own practice through working together.  Each piece of work produced during the exhibition will show the hand of a number of different artists, bringing to mind the question of ownership of artwork.


Construction Line takes the form of a factory.  At the beginning of the shift each employee clocks in and takes their place in the production line.  At their workstation they have an hour to manufacture their own work, presenting it in whatever format they choose.  As the bell tolls to mark the end of the hour, they give their creation to the next employee in the production line, where they develop and interpret the work in their own way.  This process is repeated every hour and only once a piece of work has passed down the length of the production line do we concentrate our attention on the final object.


The exhibition brings together artists and creatives from across the country to encourage interaction and collaboration, each artisan working with what another has given them as work is passed along the production line.  The process of handing over work for someone else to interpret encourages the artists to yield power to chance and embrace the unexpected.  The exhibition celebrates the originality of art and the value of the bespoke.


Construction Line continues over the weekend.


On Saturday the 8th May 2010, there will be another opportunity to see the Live Exhibition taking place and on from Sunday 9th May ‘til Tuesday the 11th May the products from the exhibition will be on display.


There will be a sale of products produced on Sunday the 16th May 2010.


Private View/ Live Exhibition: Friday, 7th May 2010, 6pm -9pm

Live Exhibition: Saturday, 8th May 2010, 11am – 5pm

Showcase Exhibition: Sunday, 9th – Tuesday, 11th May 2010, 12pm -5pm

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