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Sunday, 16 May 2010

No Soul for Sale- TATE 2

At No Soul for Sale there were some beautiful publications on display and for purchase and used within pieces of work:

A small, green printed catalogue of books published by the Norwegian Torpedo Press.

The second installment of a newspaper style periodical (the first was printed in June 2006) by the Turkish group PiST/// looking at what it means to be an independent space and whether it is possible to be called, or infact be, independent.  On the back page is a Test to see whether you are independent or dependent.  I got 8 points!!

A collection of quotes called Speaking of Destruction... with quotes from art world figures collected by Gianni Jetzer and Chris Sharp and given away by the Swiss Institute.

A whole table of publications laid out by 2nd Cannons, an LA publishing house.

The tiled floor is actually booklets.  I asked if I could take one and the man said no, although it certainly looks like other people have helped themselves...

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