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Sunday, 16 May 2010

No Soul For Sale- TATE

A Saturday afternoon spent in the Tate Modern's Turnbine Hall showed [DoR] where we are aiming for.  The festival gathered together over 70 independent, artist-led, not-for-profit groups and projects.
The work on show was truely exciting and innovative.  Like a business conference, the festival was an opportunity for different groups to find out what each other is doing and also for the public to be presented with a vast array of projects en masse.
The hall really did have a festival feel, lots of people and lots of interactive works involving everyone.

Of particular note to me was:
Oregon Painting Society (and friends of our friends at Under the Dust) doing things with plants and electrical circuits and sound...


Leeds based group, Black Dog made a recreated pub...

I added some small blue lines to this piece...

because these people told me to (Post Museum)...

Hekla Dogg Jonsdottir's Tower of Now(but mainly because it reminded me of Victoria Karlsson's In Passing)

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