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Sunday, 30 May 2010


A tour South of the River with the Director of Room Gallery, Sandie MacRae and Aideen Morgan.

Woodmill Studios:

Tyre by Blue Curry



I am a Waterfall by Melisa Bugarella



From the exhibition 'The Assistant', video by Kate Pickering, in response to Director Maria Fusco. 


The SE8 Gallery has been turned into a publishing house for the duration of this exhibition, which will culminate in a publication.  The Mulberry Tree Press will be holding events throughout until the 11 July 2010.  The exhibition and invention of the publishing house looks at the links and correlation between the object and text, how the content of books is formed in advance of its creation.  During the two months of the exhibition the content will be created meaning that its outcome cannot be planned in advance.

Where we had an arguement/heated discussion on the differences between art and design, where they join and where they clash.  It was interesting to meet designers coming from an art background- how the way in which they have studied affects and forms the work that they produce.

More about Roaming Rooms at:


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